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Electronic Submission of HUD 2530 for Sponsors
HUD is now mandating the submission of Previous Participation Forms for both the Owner and Sponsor organizations electronically. This change has proved problematic and requires both a knowledge of the system and key players at HUD to insure for the successful submission. JPH & Associates has coordinated this process for numerous organizations, which includes; 1) contacting HUD on behalf of board members; 2) obtaining authorization codes; 3) entering information; and 4) securing the proper hard copies as required by HUD.
Clearing of Flags
HUD often issues flags as they relate to management issues, board member affiliations, or other problems associated with HUD properties. JPH & Associates has assisted nonprofit sponsors to clear these flags, so as to enable the sponsor to continue to move forward with a particular project or program. This process typically involves; 1) diagnosing the problem internally; 2) determining if the flag is a misunderstanding or a structural issue; 3) identifying/contacting the key HUD players; and 4) completing the removal of the flag.
PRAC Rent Increases
With respect to Project Rental Assistance Contracts, HUD allows Owners to submit for annual budget-based rent increases. JPH Associates has assisted Owners in evaluating existing budgets, quantifying projected cost increases, and assembling of the rent increase request. Successful rent increases have ranged from 5 percent, to over 40 percent in some instances where the budget has not kept pace with actual costs.
Responding to Deficiency Letters
HUD will typically issue deficiency letters as it relates to firm commitments, initial closings, final closings, rent increases and/or other submissions. JPH & Associates understands both the HUD process and required submission forms and has assisted Sponsor/Owners in responding to these deficiencies.
Self vs. Private Management Analysis
Sponsor/Owners are often faced with the decision to self–manage or utilize the services of a private management company. JPH & Associates has assisted Sponsor/Owners with this decision by performing the following; 1) evaluating the internal capacity of the nonprofit to manage; 2) establishing realistic budgets for the project in question; 3) quantifying both the potential upside and downside of self-management; 4) identifying select management companies for consideration; 5) preparing management company evaluation forms and participating in the actual interviews; 6) assisting in the selection of the private management company; and 7) reviewing the private management contract, terms and fees.
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