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Assisted Citrus County ARC in Inverness, Florida in evaluating refinancing options on an existing 40 year HUD multi-family mortgage with an interest rate of 8.5 percent. The initial analysis included 1) identifying / evaluating alternative funding sources; 2) reviewing HUD refinancing guidelines; and 3) recommending a refinancing plan. JPH & Associates was able to complete the refinancing which yielded a new 30 year mortgage at 4.7 percent and which allowed distribution of existing equity to renovate the existing structure. In addition, the Sponsor was able to retain HUD rental subsidies on the property.
USDA Rural Housing Evaluation
The Salvation Army contracted with JPH & Associates to evaluate five separate USDA Rural multi-family properties located in north Florida, Georgia, and Alabama which were being donated to the Army from an estate. The analyses included reviewing both general partnership and limited partnership interests of the Army and recommending a strategy which included both continued management and the sale of their interest.
Site Acquisition
Successfully negotiated and closed the purchase of a $1.04 million commercial site for Hostelling International – American Youth Hostels, a national nonprofit organization. Consulting services included; drafting of a detailed purchase offer, assisting in negotiating the terms and conditions with the Seller; completing necessary due diligence items which included all governmental and environmental reviews; developing acquisition and operational budgets; identifying several permanent financing options; and coordinating the redevelopment of the property.
Feasibility Analysis
Analyzed funding opportunities and presented options to Hostelling International – American Youth Hostels (HI-AYH). Information from this analysis was used in developing a new 200-bed hostel in Central Florida. Suggestions were made as to how to restructure their program in order to better utilize local funding opportunities. In a separate effort, consulting services were provided to HI-AYH in Buffalo, New York to assist a financially troubled hostel. Existing debt and income sources were analyzed and recommendations were made as to the restructuring of this debt and the generation of new revenue.
Sales Analysis
Evaluated the development options for a non-profit corporation who received 100 condominium units in two separate complexes as a corporate gift. The evaluation identified and analyzed options which included renting units, selling units, converting the condominium projects to rental communities, and seeking approval to market the sale of units under the FHA program. The organization utilized the evaluation to maximize their return of this gift.
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